img_0445Here at RnR, we know life can get hectic – and let’s face it, so can your hair. That’s why RnR Staffing is so excited to partner with Hudson’s Bay Beauty Department’s across Canada to support the launch of Dyson’s newest product – The Dyson Supersonic. This wonderful partnership started off as a fun evening of ‘hair’ event where I got to test out the Supersonic for the first time. What a great product!  Since October, RnR has had some of our best and most stylist staff helping with the Dyson campaign by providing an instore experience of testing and sometimes providing full hair blow outs for customers as they learn more about the device. We hired over 20 brand ambassadors and stylists across Canada to support this wonderful campaign.

The Dyson Supersonic is a sexy, smart blow dryer that dries hair up to 50% faster than competitive hair dryers and will not damage your hair. Buying the new Dyson Supersonic is a long term investment in the health of your hair. As a hair-stylist and luscious hair owner myself, I know just how much money and time it can take to dry, straighten, and style your way through life. Dyson’s latest and greatest, the Dyson Supersonic™ blow dryer, offers several features that save you time and keep your hair looking flawless.

Here’s a little bit more about Dyson’s revolutionary new hair dryer:

“It is engineered to provide the maximum temperature possible without making hair looking brittle and damaged via the thermistor and on-board microprocessor. The volume of air is enough to dry hair up to 50% faster than the next leading blow dryer. With the motor in the handle, the engineering team was able to redesign the traditional top-heavy blow dryer for balance, making the Supersonic the most ergonomic blow dryer on the market right now.”

As a stylist myself the Supersonic has made such an incredible difference in my day-to-day. It comes down to the “smart” technology inside helping me make sure my clients look the best they possibly can while saving us both some time. The balance of the device puts less strain on my wrists – I can easily do fifty blowouts pain free in a single day! With respect to time alone, that is unheard of. The technology truly is a game changer, as industry insiders have noted in magazines like Vogue where the Dyson received a 5-star review.

RnR is proud to be partnered with Dyson and the Hudson’s Bay Company in helping people take advantage of this new, better way to maintain and care for your hair – and we hope to see you at the HBC soon so that our brand ambassadors and stylists can show you up close and personal just what the Supersonic can do!

—-Joelle Nemr, RnR