RBeauty Has Been Born!

As a recent Bride herself, Renee (co-owner of RnR and RBeauty) went through the trials and errors of finding a makeup and hair team for her wedding day on September 30th, 2017. It was overwhelming going through Google to look for the right stylist and makeup artist and where do you even begin. Instead she reached out to her own circle of friends to see if anyone had recommendations and hoping this would lead to better luck. Soon everything was set and a beauty team had been booked who would come to her hotel room until…. 2 – 3 months before the wedding when the cancellations started to happen. Renee found herself again needing a hair stylist and a makeup artist available on her wedding day, reasonably priced, and somehow fit in another trial as soon as possible. As a busy bride you just don’t have time for the added inconveniences!

Everything did work out on her wedding day and she had a fabulous team (some have joined RBeauty) but we both have heard horror stories from other brides about hair and makeup artists cancelling days before the day or sometimes showing up extremely late or not at all. I can’t imagine going through this on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

After Renee’s wedding, Renee and I had time to reflect on her journey and we started thinking more about her experience with hair and make up and the fact that we have a wonderful roster of professional hair and makeup artists currently on our roster. Those thoughts brought RBeauty to life. What if there was a one-stop shop that would guarantee these services would be indeed present on one’s wedding day and would do all the vetting for for a bride? How much time and stress would that have saved?

We soon realized that at RnR we had the skills and staff on hand to provide this type of services and we proudly stand strong behind our amazing team…. and with that RBeauty was born.